Investment Management

A disciplined investment process is a critical component of your organization’s financial health. However, money is just a tool. What if this tool could be connected to your organization’s mission and purpose?

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Many people unknowingly invest in companies whose products or practices conflict with their personal values. Unfortunately, the same is also true for mission-minded organizations. But there’s a way to avoid investing in areas that conflict with what you believe in without compromising profit. Values-based investing allows us to simply identify what your organization values most and align its investments to match.

Strategic Investing for Christian Business Owners

Many of our clients express their desire to build a business centered on the same values that matter most to them. They have a Kingdom-focused mindset and want to empower employees, make business decisions, and impact their community based on this desire. OneAscent was founded on this very principle, and we come alongside Christian business owners who feel the same. We serve:

  • Endowments and foundations
  • Churches
  • Nonprofits and other ministries
  • Values-aligned for-profit businesses

Our strategy around investing for Christian business owners includes this mindset. If you want your business to look different from the rest of the world, your investment strategy should too. 

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Customized Investment Management for Your Organization

Our experienced team of advisors will work with your organization’s board or investment committee to unpack what’s most important, understand the organization’s financial needs, and develop a customized investment policy statement. 


Together we’ll build an investment strategy that helps your organization accomplish its financial goals while operating in complete alignment with its mission and values.

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