Institutional Consulting for Values-Aligned Business Owners

Institutional consulting isn’t just financial planning for business owners. We designed our institutional consulting process to help you build a financial strategy around business growth and goals and consider how each business decision you make affects results and success. 

But we believe this goes beyond just talking numbers. Do your values impact the way you do business? Many of our clients come to us with questions about how to run a business as a Christian. Will your financial strategy, long-term goals, and investment in employees look the same?

It depends on the impact you want your business to have on the world around you. We want to help you take your vision and turn it into actionable steps to help your business grow and serve others well. 

What does this look like practically? Here are some insights from our founder, Harry Pearson, on how to run a business as a Christian with a Kingdom-focused mindset.

Strategic & Financial Planning for Business Owners

We recognize that every institution faces its own unique set of challenges. As a values-aligned partner, we help you manage your fiduciary duties and meet your organization’s financial goals while maintaining alignment with your organization’s core mission.

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Our team works proactively to anticipate your organization’s unique needs and provide wise counsel across a full range of institutional consulting solutions. Whether your organization is a church-affiliated endowment, foundation, or educational institution, our services are tailored to best suit your needs and can evolve as you grow.

Our consulting services include:

  • Investment Committee Development & Education
  • Policy and Guideline Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Portfolio Modeling and Asset Allocation
  • Manager Research, Selection, and Monitoring
  • Performance Reporting and Analysis

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