Legacy Coaching

Family Legacy Planning with OneAscent

Are you confident that your children and grandchildren are ready to inherit, manage, and grow their inheritance? Over 95% of individuals say no.

Our Legacy Coaching process was designed to change that answer.

What Is Legacy Coaching?

The mark you leave on this earth is your legacy. Most people are eager to say they want to leave a good legacy, but that doesn’t happen by default. It requires putting thought into how you live and how you leave this life. It also goes beyond your finances.

To help individuals leave a legacy by design, we created our Legacy Coaching process. Legacy Coaching goes above and beyond traditional estate planning. It enables you to steward your estate at a deeper level.

Our Legacy Coaching process ensures you are able to pass on not just wealth, but values and a legacy to the next generation of stewards who are already chosen and prepared. 

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Practical Steps For Family Legacy Planning

Our three-step process for family legacy planning provides families with the Clarity, Alignment, and Communication needed to effectively prepare the next generations. Most of our families express that passing on values is much more important than just passing on valuables. The difference between our Legacy Coaching Process and Estate Planning is we help with passing on “who you are” in addition to “what you own.”

We’ve found that 90% of families fail to reach this goal because they focus on transferring money rather than wealth. Wealth, of course, is not just financial. The successful 10% do 3 things differently: 

  • Communication & Trust
  • Identify Common Vision
  • Mentor/Prepare the Next Generation. 

These values are the basis for our legacy coaching process.

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