Key Takeaways from Kingdom Advisors Conference 2023

March 17, 2023

In today’s world, managing finances can be a daunting task. At OneAscent, we believe in guiding principles that help us approach financial stewardship from a Kingdom perspective. 

In particular, the Sermon on the Mount provides a powerful framework for understanding how to manage money in a way that aligns with God’s will. We had the pleasure of being a Title sponsor at the Kingdom Advisors Conference, where our team reignited and strengthened new and old relationships. 

By focusing on Kingdom treasure principles, we can make financial decisions that prioritize God’s Kingdom above all other pursuits. In this article, we explore the three truths we gleaned from some of the speakers regarding money management from Matthew 6:19-24 and how they can help us align our financial decisions with God’s will. We believe no decision is neutral. 

According to Matthew 6:19-24, three truths guide our approach to managing money. First, we all pursue treasures, and our values guide us as we pursue our goals. However, according to God’s Word, any treasure we pursue and store on Earth will eventually be destroyed. Therefore, we should focus on Kingdom treasure principles instead.

Secondly, what we treasure controls our hearts. If we seek after the treasures of this world, we are idolizing created things instead of worshiping the Creator as He intended. We must have an eternal Kingdom focus in order to align our hearts with God’s will. Worship leads to activity; therefore, if we are worshiping the Lord, we will be Kingdom-focused and practice Biblical stewardship. 

Thirdly, our decisions, choices, and behaviors are guided by where our heart is. As financial advisors, we believe that every choice, decision, word, or action is done in the service of or worship of something. Pursuing money can lead us astray, and we must prioritize God’s Kingdom above all other pursuits. The Bible tells us we are continually battling the ways of the world against God’s truth. If your worship is out of line, your finances will be out of line. 

Here are 5 additional biblical principles about money. 

Psalm 115 warns us of the deceptive nature of money and how it can lead us away from God. Our worship is at the core of our financial decisions, and we must choose whether to worship the King of Kings or the idol of money. However, God’s grace and mercy are always present, and He invites us to a better Kingdom and transforms us through His sacrifice.

OneAscent believes that the Sermon on the Mount provides valuable guidance for managing money. We must focus on Kingdom treasure principles, align our hearts with God’s will, and prioritize His Kingdom above all other pursuits. Every financial decision we make is a reflection of our worship, and we must choose to worship the King of Kings with our resources.

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