How to Maximize Your Business for Kingdom Impact: Part 2

March 4, 2022

In our previous “How to Maximize Your Business for Kingdom Impact” blog, we talked about the verse John 10:10, which states: 

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

This verse is one of the most important for investors and business leaders, as it leaves instructions for how we are to steward our wealth in order to live in the Kingdom of Heaven. These words come directly from Christ, who is sharing with us that life should create abundance, not only in material goods but in wealth and prosperity that allow us to thrive. 

However, the first part of this verse is equally important. It warns us of the alternate path – the one that thieves and followers of Satan choose to take. The thief is not aimed at abundance and prosperity but rather death and destruction. While this may not seem like the goal of any business or investor, Christ explains how his opposition chooses small acts of greed and negligence, subtly or overtly. 

The Kingdom Jesus describes is one of abundance, where service to others creates value for the entire community. Service is a direct act of love, and in turn, we are rewarded. However, the world of thieves has an opposing goal – to be served. 

As a business, you can choose to serve your stakeholders and create value or be served by extracting value for personal gain. This happens when a company cuts corners, exploits employees, or uses natural resources in a way that destroys rather than preserves the natural environment. And unfortunately, this is far more common than we’d like to think. 

Christ does not make our choice to serve His Kingdom easy. There would be no value in Salvation or in living in the Kingdom of Heaven. Instead, the world of thieves is wrapped in pretty packaging. It promises personal fortune at the expense of others rather than creating long-term value that benefits all living beings in the Kingdom. 

In Matthew 6:24, He tells us, “No one can serve two masters . . . You cannot serve both God and Money.” While this may not seem like a direct opposition, it shows us Christ’s meaning in the previous verse. We are not asked to choose between God and Satan. We are asked to choose between loving our neighbor and loving ourselves selfishly. 

How we conduct ourselves, lay out our career paths, and invest our money allows us to love our neighbors. When we steward our money wisely through investments that contribute to the greater good, we become part of the Lord’s mission to transform our material world into a reflection of His power and grace. 

You can become part of this spiritual transformation through the personal decisions you make with your money and business. To learn more about ways to turn your investments into drivers of value for the future, contact us today. 




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