5 Must-Reads for Every Christian Investor

November 18, 2022

Most of us get our financial information in one of two ways – we either talk about it with close friends and family or seek a financial advisor to help us with our money management. As a values-aligned financial firm, we also help our clients connect their money management goals with their faith. 

In addition to conversations with your advisor, great resources and tools are available to encourage deeper thought about your finances in light of your faith and great conversations with your spouse and others. 

If you are looking for in-depth resources on how to manage your money, including entrepreneurial endeavors, investing, household money management, or lessons to teach your children, these biblically responsible investing books are for you:


Book 1: Faith Driven Entrepreneur by Henry Kaestner

This book is written for the person who has found their purpose in entrepreneurship and uses business ownership as an act of worship. Often, the businesses we build can be extensions of the service we wish to give to the world. This book helps guide readers on the path to creating meaningful contributions through their careers and business endeavors, guided by God. 


Book 2: The Generosity Secret by Nelson Searcy and Jennifer Dykes Henson

At some point in our lives, we will feel the crushing weight of financial stress. Whether it’s piling debts; living paycheck-to-paycheck; or feeling the immense pressure of financing homes, college educations, and more, financial pressures can become overwhelming and tempt us to lose sight of God. The Generosity Secret provides guidance through these real-world problems, not only with real-world solutions, but with Scriptural truth that can help you spiritually thrive in times of stress. 

Read more about these 4 biblical principles of generosity. 


Book 3: Simple Money, Rich Life by Bob Lotich

One of our biggest goals at OneAscent is to help clients make an impact with their financial legacies. In this book, Bob Lotich goes in-depth into this concept and helps Christians find their way to a beautiful life through financial stewardship and giving. Learn more about how to leverage your life for positive impact.


Book 4: Money, Possessions, and Eternity by Randy Alcorn

This book is an excellent reference for Biblical truths about money, as well as how we can use financial stewardship in our daily lives to serve God’s purpose. This book can be a reference for what Scripture says about money as well as a personal guide to financial questions in the modern age. 


Book 5: The Sound Mind Investing Handbook by Austin Pryor

The Sound Mind Investing Handbook is the perfect book for both beginner and seasoned investors to start managing their money in a purpose-driven way. Austin Pryor condenses various investing principles and concepts into easily digestible chapters and explains how to use money in a way that serves your Christian purpose. It is a must-read for any values-aligned investor. 

OneAscent strives to provide our clients with every tool possible in their investing handbook so they can make financial choices that serve both their physical and spiritual needs. To find more helpful resources on investing and money management, visit our blog. 



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