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Invest your money wisely.

Many people unknowingly invest in companies whose products or practices conflict with their personal values. Values-based investing allows us to simply identify what you value most and align your investments to match.

What do you value most?

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Identify Your Values

We start by identifying the values you would never violate just to make a profit, and then identify the values you want to promote that positively impact the world.


Grow Your Wealth

Our exclusive suite of solutions and experienced advisors provide customized investment strategies that grow your wealth and help you make the most of your money.


Live Life Aligned

We begin and end with what’s most important to you and then tailor your investments to match. With OneAscent, you’ll never have to wonder if your investments and values conflict.

You deserve an advisor who understands how to get you the performance you need, while also helping you live fully aligned with your values.

How it works.

Our advisors bring experience, wisdom, and process to your unique situation, so you can feel confident about your finances. Our personalized process has helped hundreds of clients like you find clarity, confidence, and control in their financial lives.

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Our work begins and ends with what’s most important to you.
In this free consultation, let’s see how we can help.

Design your strategy

We build your unique client experience around 5 key principles for a successful financial life.

Implement with confidence

Enjoy personal care and proactive advice with a long-term relationship you can trust.

The stakes are high.

Don’t settle for packaged investment solutions. We find that most advisors either aren’t aware or concerned with values-based investing. Is your advisor making sure your investments are fully-aligned with your values? You deserve an advisor who can help you live well, finish well, play your part and hear well done.


Cutting-edge Planning

Don’t be left behind. Our FinLife planning solutions provide a digital client experience that is second to none.

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Turnkey Asset Management

Grow your wealth with award-winning managers and a uniform values-driven screening process.


Stewardship Legacy Coaching™

Create a multi-generational tradition of sound financial management through our advanced stewardship solution. We help financially blessed families prepare the next generation by passing on both wealth and wisdom.

You deserve an advisor who can translate your personal needs into a strategy. We help busy people slow down, simplify, clarify, and take action on what’s most important. Money is simply a tool to help you achieve that which is most important.

Raising the standard.

OneAscent is committed to leading the way with turnkey asset management solutions. Our UMA and Mutual Fund platforms feature strategic relationships with top money managers to provide innovative offerings that stand out in the industry.

Start with your values
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Get a return on your values.

We’ve partnered with solid financial institutions and fund management teams, so you can get a return on investments that align with your values.

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